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I want to buy lingerie for my wife. Help!
Men Shopping For Lingerie:

Shopping for lingerie can be quite a daunting and embarrassing experience for men, even compromising yourself and marriage by being exposed to photos of women in a state of undress! However, there is now a fantastic solution… buy from Sparkthismarriage.com! We have a vast amount of lingerie available to buy from us, with a range of sizes, colors and design variations. And no nudity or p-rn-graphic photos. Keep your eyes just for your gorgeous wife! Spark This Marriage offers help with sizing, styles and advice via our contact page, so if you’re stuck just ask us. Every lady is different. We’d love to help.

If this is a first time lingerie purchase, you might want to play it safe and buy something you know your wife would like and be comfortable in. There’s nothing wrong with having fun with risqué lingerie but you might want to make that decision together. There is a danger that she will interpret your racy selection as a reflection on her. Choose pieces that say “I love you” and “I adore you.” Remember fellas, the lingerie is for her not you.
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What type of lingerie is best for me?
There are several styles that most flatter the womanly figure: Babydoll, Chemise, Corset and Bustier.

Babydolls and Chemise are similar styles. They are both short and fitted pieces of lingerie that are typically modest. To add a hint of mystery or seduction, you can choose a chiffon babydoll or chemise. They are perfect for a romantic evening, or a night of feeling pampered.

If you feel like flirting, a babydoll is the way to go. Babydolls are fitted in the bust with a full skirt. As a result, it’s important to get the bust size right when purchasing a babydoll. Sometimes babydolls have a stretch bodice that makes it easier to size for full figured women. Babydolls are well suited to women with a pear shape as they hug your curves on top and fall gently on your hips.
It should be said though that the Babydoll really does flatter every figure.

Chemise, on the other hand, accentuates and creates curves. When you want to feel luxurious, a beautiful silk or charmeuse chemise will feel soft on your skin and hug your curves. For more comfort, you can choose a stretch chemise and still be pampered.

Corsets and Bustiers:
Modern corsets are much more comfortable than corsets of yesteryear. They are elegant, form fitting, sexy, and provide the slimming effect and bust lifting that most women look for in lingerie. They flatter every figure.

Corsets and Bustiers are the daring women’s lingerie. They are very similar in style, as both are boned and fitted on the torso. They have a very slimming effect on your figure. The major difference between a corset and a bustier is that bustiers often have built in cups for support whereas corsets do not.

Corsets and bustiers do not size the way clothes do, they size like a bra. You usually have a round the back measurement and a cup measurement, just like a bra but you are recommended to give yourself one size more around the back allowing for extra movement. The size noted for our corsets and bustiers is the band size, so if you where a 40DD, your bustier or corset size would be 40. If you want some extra room, you would order a 42.
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Why is the garment hang tag cut or masked?
Many of the garments we provide have garment hang tags attached (by a plastic string) with a model pictured on them. These models, male or female, are often in a state of undress or transparent clothing.

Our main goal here at Spark This Marriage, is to help married people keep their marriage protected from a p-rn-graphy saturated world. It is a subject we are passionate about. It is the very reason we use mannequins. It is also the reason we do not provide items that have ladies or gentlemen pictured this way on unremovable packaging. We believe our customers appreciate this extra effort and that is why they keep coming back AND tell their friends.

Note- We do not remove "sewn in" labels from a garment, just garment hang tags. If care instructions or another type of label were sewn into a garment, we leave it there.
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I want something but I cannot find it on your site and I don't want to shop somewhere else where I may be exposed to images or items that would be harmful. Can I order it from you?
YES. We would love to provide you with that service. Just use the "Contact Us" page!
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Will my items be shipped in a way that my neighbor, my spouse, my children or the mailman know what I have purchased?
Goodness, no. We ship our items discreetly. The return address label will say it is from "STM" or "Spark" with a PO Box address. No other information will be there to see.
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How should I wash my lingerie?
Your sexy lingerie will last much longer and retain its color and feel if you wash it all by hand. We recommend you buy our Lingerie Wash or woolite. Line drying is much preferred to a machine dryer. Besides, there is a certain sexiness generated when you see your lacy thong panties swaying softly in the breeze.

We recommend you wash all lingerie before wearing.
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How much is Shipping?
Our shipping rates are very low to keep our customers happy!
We only ship to the USA. For full details on our shipping policy:

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Christian lingerie, lingerie christian, plus size lingerie

Christian lingerie, lingerie christian, plus size lingerie

Christian lingerie, lingerie christian, Christian sex, plus size lingerie

Christian lingerie, plus size lingerie